“Xavi” Barcelona have to play to win.

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New Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez admits his team must only play with a win-win attitude. With the 41-year-old being brought back from Al Sadd in Portugal.

And that ends Xavi’s presentation, which finished with Xavi posing with the Barcelona shirt with Joan Laporta once again. Thanks for joining us!

You’ve been talking more about work than style. Is that what you’re going to offer your team and is that what is needed right now?

Yes, this is the point. It’s very important from the first moment that we put rules on the team. This is the main point. Then we can talk about values, respect, attitude, effort. This is very important because if we don’t have these values, we don’t have a team. And then we can talk about the game model, the way to play, how we are going to attack, how we are going to defend. But for me the first thing is to put these rules and we can decide how we play.

Perhaps someone who could join your team is Carles Puyol, or Andres Iniesta, who represent Barcelonismo very well, just like Gerard Piqué, or perhaps Dani Alves, Mascherano, these type of individuals could help you in this current situation?