The Gunners suggest that the Sailboat have drawn “Alvarez” in the team

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Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero has urged his former club to sign Julian Alvarez this summer.

“The Blues” signed a contract to grab Alvarez since January. before being released back to River Plate. On loan for another season until December 31,

although manager Pep Guardiola previously said that Alvarez will travel to the team since the summer reseason. But they are expected to let the 22-year-old striker play in their home country until the end of the year. While they are rumored to be spending money on Erling Haaland to reinforce their squad, the

Gunners view it will be more beneficial if City bring in Alvarez from the summer.

Following a crushing end to his time at City, which saw him come on as a substitute in his first-ever Champions League final appearance against Chelsea in Porto last summer, Aguero bid farewell to the five-time Premier League champions after enjoying a decade of success in the east side of Manchester.

. Lian Alvarez is mature. And he will learn things over time. He was learning more and more and Manchester City took him for this reason.”ufabet

“He’s a good boy. He is a phenomenal footballer. but shy and quiet It would have been better if he had been at City from June.”

City are believed to have to pay an additional £1.5million to end his loan deal and bring Alvarez to the Etihad in the summer.