Rio holds Virgil van Dijk center number 1 as usual.

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Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand still looks at Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk. It’s the best center in the world. Despite struggling with form after recovering from injury,

Van Dijk was unable to help Liverpool’s 3-2 win over West Ham United on Sunday,

Ferdinand believes if Dutch Center Can resolve the problem of returning to the field in the early stages after being absent for a long time because of a knee injury. will go back to being the ultimate fortress at the back again

When asked about Van Dijk, Ferdinand replied: “He’s a guy who can last a long time. If you can do it during those times.”

“My heart has no doubt that Virgil’s best years were It’s probably higher than most centers. But you must not judge him by his best years. You are judged by those moments.”

“I think you have to think of yourself as that person. You have to think you’re the best… and I think that for Virgil. He’s the best centre-back in the world

. But it had already happened because he had been gone for a very long time. and just starting to enter the field with risks But I still believe If there is a game on the field today Then I need a center. The first choice on my list is him.”