Revealed if Barca borrows ‘Felix’, the cost is up to 25 million.

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Reports have revealed that if Barcelona want to sign Joao Felix on loan from Atletico Madrid, they will face a total cost of more than 25 million euros

. But signing him could mean further financial problems. Barca

president Joan Laporta has also been linked with an interest in Felix. And is close to the player’s agent, Jorge Mendes. But if wanting to borrow the real one, must find a way to manage the minimal wages to match Atletico’s demands. Reports

The Portuguese international was sent out on loan to Chelsea in January. But failed to convince during his time in London and has now returned to the Spanish capital. He has joined the Atlético team for pre-season training at their Los Ángeles de San Rafael.

from ยูฟ่าเบท indicate that just a loan for the Portuguese national team will cost more than 25 million euros. With Atletico needing money to offset the outstanding fee that must be paid 16 million euros this year.

When combined with having to bear all the wages of the players Causing Felix’s loan to be used in exchange for an additional cost of more than 25 million


Previous reports have suggested that the only way Barca can land him is on loan with an option to buy. But with those numbers, the chances are even less.