“Maradona” family has filed a lawsuit against

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The family of Diego Maradona was filed by a former agent of Stefano News Agency on the issue of copyright after Napoli made a shirt with the face of the player,

The “Azteca Sioux Falls” recently. Made a special jersey to commemorate Maradona’s passing, featuring a picture of the player’s face and his fingerprints on the shirt.

It will also be worn for games against. Inter Milan and Lazio this month.

However, Diego Junior revealed the jersey was not approved by them. And is about to sue the former agent of the player who gave permission to make such shirts

“We haven’t given the green light to this. That shirt is an honor for us.

Napoli released a special kit to honour their legendary No.10 one year after his death. Maradona died from a heart attack in Tigre on November 25, 2020.

The kit has Maradona’s face printed on the front, but Diego Junior, one of Maradona’s sons, said the Partenopei never asked for authorization from the family.

“We didn’t give the green light to this operation. That shirt is an honour for us, but we are sorry that Napoli did not involve us,” Maradona Jr. told Adnkronos.

“Stefano Cese gave permission. He used to be your father’s agent. But he no longer held that position. We who are relatives are the only ones who can grant permission. It’s strange how a club like Napoli put their trust in someone like that. The legal proceedings against Cese have begun in Argentina.” According to a report from ufabet.