Elneny confident Mikel Arteta will lead Arsenal to a bright future

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Elneny confident Mikel Arteta will lead Arsenal to a bright future.

Egypt midfielder Mohamed Elneny has had his contract terminated by Arsenal, effective this month. And he believes Mikel Arteta will help lead the team to success in the future.

Mohamed Elneny, who just had his contract canceled by Arsenal , Premier League runners-up , the other day. Mentioned the future of the team under Miguel Arteta in an interesting way.

“I play with Miguel for six months before โปรโมชั่น ufabet he retired and became a coach.
I enjoyed playing with him. And he keeps teaching me because I learn a lot from him. I am so grateful for everything he has done for me. and this football club”

“When he was a player he is smart And then he had a lot of good coaches that he worked with. You can see his leadership. And it can make him special.”

“I have never seen a group of players like this before. Everyone supports each other, loves each other and works as a family. I will miss them They have been my friends for a long time.”

“We will be friends forever. Now I will support them in front of the TV. And sometimes I’ll go watch them on the field. I am sure next year will be an amazing year for everyone. Because they deserve it,” Elneny said.