Doctor reveals calf muscles “Ramos” is not as strong as before.

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Former Real Madrid legend Sergio Ramos may have to raise the white flag to announce his retirement from football. Due to chronic injury problems in the calf which the former French national team doctor said Unlike his muscles after 19 years of hard work on

football, Ramos has spent the past 12 months trying to regain his fitness. And now it’s starting to worry that. He may be forced to hang up his boots early. Because of his own chronic injury,

Ramos has only had the opportunity to play for Paris Saint-Germain in just five games (playing two full 90 minutes) since signing a free contract. After the expiration of his contract with Real Madrid in the summer

The top defender is turning 36 next month. Now I have a problem with a sore calf. And is expected to return in time to help the team play the Champions League round of 16 against. His former club Real Madrid on February 15.

Reports from Le Parisien are concerned Ramos might be forced to retire because the injury has been a common problem he has faced lately. The difference is only this time in the right leg rather than the left

. Jean-Marcel Ferret, a former doctor of the French national team. Ramos describes his problem as “Old calf syndrome”, where the pain is very difficult to predict when it will heal.

“It’s about the configuration of the calf muscles. You have to consider how much muscles have aged because Ramos has been playing football at the highest level for 19 years,” the doctor told Le Parisien Ferret.

Tissue in Ramos’ calf It lost flexibility and is now very fragile.