“Conte” has said that his wages are fair

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte said he was being paid a reasonable amount after being asked. If he was being paid too much.

Italian coach who recently took over the task of commanding.

The army “Spur” with a contract for 18 months after Nuno Espirito Santo. Who was relieved from his position. After previously referred to having experience in the Premier League. with city rivals such as Chelsea

during the Italian coach As a manager, he will be paid around €18 million a year (£15.4 million), keeping him close to that among the highest paid managers in the world.

Most recently, it was when well-known Italian comedian Stefano Corty arrived at Conte’s home in London to ask if the wages were too expensive. The owner replied that.

“Okay, but come on.. it’s not like this. You do your job and it makes sense that you do your job well. I work at the top Thus, the amount they paid for me, it was fair then, “Conte said

, when asked about their expectations throughout this season to be successful as the old club Inter Milan or not, he replied,

“. Fighting for the top four will be a challenge. The Premier League is a very difficult league. We will try to do our best in every game including in the Conference League.”