Arteta urges Arsenal players beat Man City if they want to win

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Arteta urges Arsenal players to beat Man City if they want to win the title

Mikel Arteta has urged his Arsenal players to go on to beat Manchester City to guarantee the Premier League title this season. According to UFABET.

The Gunners, who have been in poor form lately with three draws in a row and have picked up just three points, are due to travel to the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday night. With a situation in which they are five points ahead from 32 games play. With Pep Guardiola’s side playing two games less.

The result of this game is very important to win the championship because if Arsenal can go to beat City to the homeland, it will make them 8 points away. On the other hand, if the home team collects 3 points, The gap There will only 2 points left and there 2 more games in hand.

“It will be a very difficult and challenging night for us, yes, but we still have a lot of chances. We knew from the beginning that If you want to win the Premier League, you have to beat teams like Tottenham or Chelsea at home.

“This is what we are doing. And that’s why we’re here and now we have to go to City and beat them. we want to be champion You must win the match. It’s very easy,” said Arteta.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has made it clear

That Wednesday night’s clash against Manchester City is the most important game in his career. When it is important to win the Premier League title this year, after a long campaign throughout the season.

Wednesday night’s game at the Etihad Stadium is 2022/23 Premier League final. Where either side can win. It should have a chance to win a high championship, especially Arsenal if the invasion successfully collects 3 full points. Will make the tear away from Manchester City increase to 8 points immediately

With this level of importance, Arteta admitted that this was the biggest game of his manager’s life. “Most definitely If you ask me about work Playing a final is what it’s all about. Because it’s a game that decides whether you lift the trophy or go home in tears. Situations like this make you a better coach.”

“It will give you a better understanding of the team. It’s good that we’re in this situation. But we prepare every game with the desire to win.”

Pep Guardiola’s direct alumni also point out that the mental state and confidence of the players. It is very important during this period that Arsenal are considered to be quite problematic. From only having a draw for 3 games in a row before, “It’s very effective, it’s an important part. But of course we have faith. From what I saw during the rehearsal From what I saw their reaction after the game. dressing room mood Fighting to protect teammates at every moment.”