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Which type of egg has the highest cholesterol?

Which type of egg has the highest cholesterol? It is also reputed to be an egg. But each type of egg, chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, provides different amounts of each nutrient. Most of the main nutrients Contained in eggs is protein, followed by fat. Then followed

5 things you should know about dengue fever

Dengue fever is often talked about these days. This is because it is a disease that comes mostly during the rainy season. It is believed that many People must have known at some point the dangers associated with dengue fever. Today we would like to invite you to get

How to distinguish “bumps” to know if they are dengue fever?

One characteristic of people who are sick with dengue fever is probably the bumps that pop up and are noticeable. Either by scratching Or have an allergic reaction to mosquitoes that come into contact with our skin. But dengue fever is not the only cause of such bumps. Because in reality Blisters can occur for